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Presentations to the Joint Technical Forum on 12th October 2016

The Joint Technical Group Forum met on 12th October 2016 and the presentations made on the day are now available for members to view. You will need to login to view this content.

  1. Welcome Presentation from Florette Ltd
  2. Alternative washing method for fresh produce – presentation on how to improve the organoleptic properties of vegetables, throughout the life of the sandwich, whilst maintaining a high care barrier control. Winners of the BSA Technical Award 2016 – Justyna Nowicka and Dawn Evans, 2 Sisters Food Group discuss their project.
  3. Decontaminating fresh produce: Considerations and future issues - The presentation will cover how produce can become contaminated, use of wash agents including chlorine and its alternatives in decontamination, points to consider when using alternatives and things to consider for the future. This will include the chlorate issue and also potential for viral contamination and how wash agents can be assessed for efficacy against viruses – Linda Everis, microbiologist, Campden BRI.
  4. Do the listeriosis guidelines for Healthcare affect everyone? –presentation on the implications, of the new FSA guidelines for listeriosis in healthcare and social care organisations, for retailers and manufacturers in the sandwich industry – Mike Williams, Director, STS Solutions