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Avian Flu: A guide for labelling 24/02/17

We now understand that some restrictions will be lifted by DEFRA after the 28th February 2017. These restrictions will only be lifted in areas that are not deemed to be high risk and only if bio security measures are in place.

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The PAPA Report

For the first time ever, PAPA has pulled together an industry-wide view giving a breakdown of valuse, challenges and opportunities in the Pizza and Pasta markets in the UK. You can obtain a copy today.

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The very best of our industry

Following the 2016 PAPA Awards it is with great pleasure that we announce the very best organisations, products, services and people from across our great industry. 

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Food To Go Conference 2017

When: Tuesday 7th February 2017

Where: Ham Yard Hotel, London

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Seafish Guidance on Tuna

Seafish’s regulation team has recently been made aware of an issue with tuna fish that is potentially being imported into the UK. This is an open letter to all members concerned with the use of Tuna. 

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Guidance on Gluten

The Food Standards Agency has issued a guidance note regarding the use of gluten labelling which takes affect from July 20.

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Low cost member Food Hygiene Training

A new on-line Level 2 food hygiene training programme has been launched by the Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association using the latest accelerated learning techniques.

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Events Calendar

March 2017

15th - Management Committee Meeting
Location: Just Eat, Fleet Place, London

April 2017

6th - Technical Forum Meeting
Location: Allied Mills, Manchester

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Pizza - The Continuing Story

From the Italian restaurant and American-style delivery to the packaged chilled or frozen ready meal you unwrap at home, there can be no doubt that pizza has become a dominant force on the UK food scene. We spend £billions every year on pizzas. We'll be taking a look in detail at the Pizza Market and you can be there.

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Fun Pizza Facts

World's Largest

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest recorded pizza ever baked was 37.4 metres (122' 8") in diameter and made at Norwood Hypermarket, Norwood, South Africa on Dec 8, 1990. This attempt beat the previous holder (Pizza Hut in Singapore 1990) by 3.5m (11.5'). Before that, the world's largest pizza was 'built' on October 11, 1987 by Lorenzo Amato and Louis Piancone in Italy.

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Pizza: A Potted History

The Greeks were the first to use bread as a plate. They ate flat round bread or plankuntos baked with an assortment of toppings. Their colonists also probably made the first pizza in Italy between 730 and130 BC.

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